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By using our Y2mate to mp4 converter, you can easily convert and download YouTube videos in mp4 formats for free (Y2mate mp4)

Best YouTube to MP4 Converter & Downloader – Y2mate

Our y2mate YouTube to MP4 converter helps you convert videos from YouTube to mp4 with just a few clicks. When you find a YouTube video you want to download, just go to our y2mate mp4 converter and paste the link to download the MP4 videos in multiple qualities: 320p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4k, etc. Besides, our YouTube to mp4 converter supports various devices (i.e., windows, tablets, phones, Android, iOS, etc.) No need to sign up. You can directly convert thousands of YouTube videos to MP4 (i.e., MP4, AVI, FLV, WebM, m4a, MOV, and 3gp) and download them to your library.

How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP4 at Y2mate [Instructions]

Converting YouTube videos to MP4 with Y2mate is a very easy process, with only three steps:

Step 1: Get the YouTube Download Link


If you want to convert YouTube videos to MP4 at Y2mate, you should first open the YouTube website or launch the YouTube App to find a video you want to download or convert. When you are on the video page, just directly copy the link of the video.


Open the YouTube website/app > Find the video you want to download or convert

Step 2: Paste the Link of YouTube Video


Open our Y2mate website ( and paste the link into the download bar at the top of the page. Then click the “Download” button at the right to download your MP4 videos.


Open > Paste the link of the video > Click “Download” button

Step 3: Select the Video/Audio Format


After that, you’ll see multiple download options on the page. You can select the video/audio format you prefer to download. The MP4 or MP3 (music) files will be saved to your files automatically.


Select the YouTube video/audio format > Start downloading

Another Way: Directly Search for the Name of Video


If you don’t want to open the YouTube website/app, you can directly open and search for the name of the YouTube video you want to download on the download bar. The video will automatically show up right below the download bar. Just click the “Download” button and select the format to download or convert.

        Tip: Insert “pp” after the word “youtube” in the link to download video and audio from YouTube faster.


Why Should You Use Our YouTube to MP4 Converter – Y2mate is one of the best websites available to allow users to convert unlimited YouTube videos to mp4 online easily. It comes with many advantages:

    1. Y2mate allows you to download YouTube mp4 in various resolutions: 1440p, 1080p, 720p, 480p, etc.

    2. Supports both YouTube video and audio download.

    3. A YouTube to mp4 converter y2mate that converts YouTube to mp4 at a fast speed. No need to install any software or extensions.

    5. The YouTube downloader works well on all browsers that support any device allowing to download or convert mp4 from YouTube.

    6. Y2mate is always a free tool to use, with no annoying ads to influence the user experience.

    7. Adopts advanced technology to allow you to convert YouTube to mp4 by y2mate.

Besides, Y2mate has been constantly upgraded and comes with many advanced features to convert YouTube to MP4 videos as easily as possible. If you find our “Y2mate | YouTube to MP4 Converter” helpful, please share our website with your family or friends, which will be a huge spiritual support for our team.


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FAQs About YouTube to MP4 Converter 

Q1: What is a YouTube to MP4 Converter?

A YouTube to mp4 converter is a useful tool that allows users to convert YouTube videos to MP4 so that they can save the videos later without an internet connection. Our y2mate mp4 converter is one of the best such converters.

Q2: How to Convert Videos from YouTube to MP4 with this Y2mate Converter on Mobile Phones (iPhone or Android)?

1. Open the YouTube app and find the video you want to download

2. Copy the video link and paste it into our search box

3. Tap the “Download” button and select the video format.